Rose Coloured Glasses is a creative partnership guided by the artistic vision of Rita Sabler. We pull from the carefully picked and time-tested pool of talented individuals and technical gurus based on the individual requirements of each client.

We approach each project as a creative and technical puzzle that requires a brilliant solution. No matter the challenge or budget at hand our clients can always rest assured that the end result will always be brilliant, simple, beautiful.

Rita Sabler

Whether doodling in her sketchbook in bars and coffee shops around the world, assembling textures, or looking for inspiration in the most unusual places, Rita has always been madly in love with great design, typography, and illustration.

Rita spent her twenties collecting academic degrees from universities around the world, all of which had one thing in common — the abundance of boring classes. Invariably, this resulted in notebooks filled with more drawings, doodles, and caricatures of her professors and classmates than actual notes. After finishing a Master's in Linguistics, Rita finally decided to embrace her passion for all things visual and move to Barcelona — in her modest opinion, the most artistically stimulating city in the world.

There Rita found inspiration everywhere — in whimsical architecture, culinary masterpieces, the racket of scooters, the morning aroma of café con leche, and endless labyrinths of cobblestone gothic streets. After two and a half years of soaking up Mediterranean sun, European culture and design trends she returned to the U.S. with a Master’s in Interface Design from the prestigious Elisava School of Design and a suitcase full of sketchbooks.

Over the past 12 years, Rita has happily collaborated as a designer and art director with many advertising agencies. She has her own design studio in Portland’s beautiful Old Town.


Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Central City Concern

California Poison Control

Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland


Aperion Audio

Oregon Institute of Technology

Yellowstone Harley-Davidson

Freightliner PDI

Sunwest Ranch

Beacon Education Network

Glacier Sotheby's International Realty

Tango Pacifico

Filmed by Bike

Hillside Dental

HMH Advertising

Home Science Tools

Instrument Marketing


The New Group



Stem Life Line

Tech Ranch